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Size: (4U) 7” W x 17.25” H x 20.31” D

29 lbs
(without Envirostat System Monitor)
30 lbs
(with Envirostat System Monitor)

Mounting: Tabletop
Finish: Clear chem film (alodine)

Power Input: 85-264 VAC, 47-440 Hz, autoranging
Power Input Connector: IEC 60320 (C14 Plug Type)
Power Supply: 600W (standard)
400W - 1500W (optional)
Output Current: +5 V @ 60A
+3.3 V @ 35A
+/- 12V @ 17A

Backplane: 5 Slot VME 64X (Standard)
(Up to a 7-slot Eurocard backplane optional)
MTBF: >50,000 hrs
Cooling: Upper and Lower Front removable fan trays
with 1 high-CFM fan each
DC cooling fans (130x38mm, 150CFM, 12 Vdc)
Optional Accessories: Environmental monitor/controller
*Refer to System Monitor data sheet for info*

 Temperature: Operating: -10°C to 55°C
Non-Operating; -20°C to 85°C
 Humidity: Operating: <95% non-condensing
Non-Operating: <95% non-condensing
 Shock: Operating: 1G
Non-operating: 2G
 Altitude: Operating: 10,000 ft
Non-Operating: 40,000 ft
 EMI/EMC: MIL-STD-461E CE102, CS101, CS114, CS116, RE102, RS103 (verify with 1101.10)
 Vibration: Random: 0.5G 10-2000 Hz
Sinusoidal: 0.5G 10-500 Hz


Model 7004, a 4U, 7-Slot, COTS Mini-Tower chassis, offers unique features that distinguish itself from the competition. Twin line replaceable fan tray units (LRU) come standard in Model 7004. One LRU is mounted below the front subrack (pushes air upward) and the other LRU is mounted above the front subrack (pulls air through the plug-in boards). Each fan tray is equipped with a fan that pumps 150CFM of air against backpressure. Utilizing captive screws, each LRU fan tray can be easily replaced in less than 2 minutes!

In that Model 7004 is IEEE-1101.1 compliant; it accommodates backplanes of various architectures, such as VME, VME64x, CompactPCI™, VITA-31, VITA-41, VITA-46, etc. DataMetrics also custom-designs backplanes and invites inquiries of this type.

The newly developed Envirostat-2 System Health Monitor comes equipped with an Ethernet port for remote monitoring/power down and control of all chassis parameters, such as fan speed, temperature, and system voltages to ensure proper operating conditions. The Envirostat-2, along with 7ea board and RTM slots and exceptional convection cooling, makes it a perfect for system and software development.

7004 4U COTS Chassis Data Sheet - PDF7004 Data Sheet

7004 Operation and Maintenance Manual - PDF7004 Operation and Maintanance Manual

Press Release: September 5, 20077004 Press Release
DataMetrics™ Releases 4U Mini-Tower COTS Chassis - Model 7004